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Mentor/Mentee Testimonials

Please take a moment to read what others are saying about the Move With Balance program. The video testimonials are from group leaders, mentors, and participants.


Written Support and Testimonials

“I wanted to write a testimony for you – both the changes that I have noticed in Theresa, and feelings that I experienced myself.

I have known Theresa for several years. When I first met her 3 years ago, she could barely walk, required a cane, and had significant difficulty formulating her thoughts. When she began the Move With Balance Program she was able to walk much better, but she was very shy, reserved, quiet, and her mind was fairly disorganized. She has consistently attended the Move With Balance sessions for the past 7 weeks and her progress has been obvious. Over these sessions, she has become very animated, enthusiastic, engaged and excited. Her balance has also steadily improved.

This past session she had a major breakthrough. She was participating in a brain activity that required her to think, move, and speak simultaneously. Typically, when she attempted these types of activities her answers and movements were choppy, slow, and incorrect. This last session she had moments of fluidity and effortless flow… a mental sensation that she states she has not experienced since before her accident 4 years ago. She kept exclaiming that she has regained hope that she can be cured with practice and patience.

This course has given her so much hope, as well as the necessary tools to continue to move forward.

Personal Experience:
I’m a recent graduate with a Masters in Health Education and Health Promotion. I strive off of improving the health in others, and gravitate towards organizations with that mission. Of these organizations, I have seen dramatic improvements in the mentees of Move with Balance.

Personally, this program even gives me a mental work-out! After last class my head was strained – it felt as though I had spent the last 4 hours writing a thesis statement, but all I was doing was 45 minutes of the brain activities. The program has stretched the capabilities of my brain and presented my 27 year-old brain with challenges. Since starting as a mentor, I have also noticed that I can remember routine things better, such as where I placed my sweater, or why I walked into a room. I’m completely convinced that this program provides the right kind of brain stimulation that improves function, engagement, and alertness. Aside from the biological benefits, the course is also presented in such an incredibly loving, caring and compassionate way. I always leave feeling uplifted, relaxed, and mentally stimulated.”

Sarah Routley

MA Health Educator, Hawaii Department of Health

I used to suffer from excruciating and debilitating leg cramps which would wake me from a sound sleep nearly every night. I had to massage my legs until I was able to get up and walk the cramp out before I could get back to sleep.  I’ve been involved in Move With Balance since January of this year, and am extremely grateful to be able to say I can’t remember the last time I was so rudely awakened! I enjoy all the activities we have learned and I have noticed many subtle benefits from them.  However, the “Leg Back Dancer” has made a dramatic difference in my ability to sleep soundly through the night without pain.


After Move With Balance, walking is more “conscious.” Aware of footing and posture.


As for me, when we walked at the beginning of the session, I was having 
a balance problem.  I could feel it in my ankles as I used them to stay 
upright.  When we walked again at the session’s end, none of that was 


“It is sometimes hard but after we finish I feel awake and not tired.”

“I never thought I could do some of these things.”

“I enjoy our classes, I am so happy you come here.”

“After our sessions I feel like I can concentrate better.”

“I can lift my arm higher now then I could before.”

“Move with Balance must be working on you too, because you remember our names.”


I thank you very much for the experience of being a Move with Balance mentor. I’ve really enjoyed it and have been amazed at how quickly the hour passes. Yae and I have gotten along very well together, and I have noticed more flexibility in her movement despite her bad back. She looks forward to the exercises.
I was very impressed with the wealth of experience and skills of the other mentors. These are people dedicated to helping others, and it’s inspiring to be with them.
The training was well-planned and you were very open to questions and often asked for feedback about how we responded to the exercises. The manual is a great help. I look forward to mentoring with you again.


Video Testimonials