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Youth Program

An Intergenerational Program


The program aims to unite the strengths of senior citizens and children for improving each other’s cognitive skills, self-esteem, self-efficacy, and emotional well-being.

Giving Back’s intergenerational mentoring program trains senior citizen volunteers to become mentors to children, teaching them kinesthetic activities that enhance learning, concentration, and memory. Through the effective practice of integrative games and vision activities, active, senior volunteers stay healthy and involved, and frail and at-risk children improve their focus, balance and coordination.

Linking the older and younger generations in this way provides numerous benefits for both groups…and for our communities.

GIVING BACK is a Hawaii non-profit agency, committed to fostering intergenerational relationships through mentoring and tutoring, enhancing the individual lives of both the giver and the receiver…helping children and frail elders develop learning and inter-personal skills, self-esteem and physical coordination, while creating vibrant and vital opportunities for elders to ‘give back’ to benefit their neighborhoods and communities.

Benefits include improved coordination and balance, improved ability to move correctly and prevent injuries, improved energy levels, release of stress and tension, and improved well-being.

School children demonstrate enhanced reading ability on standardized tests, increased focus and calm, reduced hyperactivity, and they benefit wonderfully from sweet relationships with their elders