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Alzheimers / Dementia Program

(Our Move With Balance® with Music program can be used with seniors of all abilities)

Move With Balance® with Music for Alzheimer’s/Dementia

Bill Fuller, our Musician, Singer, Songwriter, and Sound Engineer, integrates music, rhythm, timing, sound, singing, songwriting into Move With Balance®. He has written over 100 original songs, and has updated and adapted the lyrics of oldies to match our exercises. He is familiar with the research on music and Alzheimer’s. Bill has written two original songs specifically for Move With Balance®, our theme songs, so to speak. He is a trainer for mentors and caregivers, in addition to being a facilitator for mentees.

Now that we have successfully integrated music into our original, award-winning, successful Move With Balance® program, we will be using more music in the original program. The music is available in the store.

We also train family caregivers in the techniques of Move With Balance® with Music so that they can continue the activities at home after they and their loved one participate in the 10-week group session.

We feel it is extremely important to include families and caregivers as an important component in working with Alzheimer’s/dementia mentees. This includes children, who we feel it is important to expose to aging and Alzheimer’s, and who will become a part of the family adjusting to the disease.

Between 2000—2009 we had the fit seniors mentoring children using many of the same activities to help with focus and concentration. In 2005 we adapted the activities for frail elders. We see this as a family program, meaning family caregivers can easily do this program with loved ones along with grandchildren as assistants. The activities are fun and beneficial for everyone.