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Professional and Instructor Testimonials

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Written Testimonials

Move With Balance is a unique and therapeutic approach to integration of the motor, sensory, and vestibular systems of the brain. Karen Peterson has developed a program that is particularly beneficial to older adults. By building on the reality of neural plasticity and the brain’s ability to be shaped across the lifespan, Move With Balance understands the positive outcomes of caring for our cognitive, motor, and spiritual selves.

Paul Nussbaum, Ph.D., ABPP

Clinical Neuropsychologist and Adjunct Professor of Neurological Surgery, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Dr. Nussbaum hosts the Brain Health Forum each year at the American Society on Aging conference.

All the Move with BalanceĀ® movements help you grow new nerve cells and stay flexible, alert, and balanced. These are passionate, playful movements and rich sensory experiences that anchor thought, build mental agility, and encourage life-long learning. After all, our brain cells communicate in response to movement, sensory input, and a sense of safety.

Carla Hannaford

Ph.D., neuro-scientist

Vision is an active and dynamic process. What we see is influenced by more than just the light-signals sent to our eyes from the world around us. Vision also consists of visual and motor signals, our ability to move our eyes, and the attention we bring to bear on an object. Research has shown that we actually do not see many things in our environment simply because we are not paying attention to them.

Seniors who fall are often seriously hurt, and that damage leads to undesirable consequences. But the human balance system is trainable for children, athletes, and seniors. Twenty percent of the information going to the eyes ends up in the balance system. (To prove this try to balance with your eyes closed.)

I met Karen Peterson twenty-five years ago when she introduced me to her expertise in movement and perception. We worked together to help alleviate vision and balance issues. Her present concern is enhancing balance and thereby preventing falls. This program is based on cutting-edge science. She uses modified techniques that Olympic athletes employ with good success.

I wholeheartedly endorse her work to make seniors safer and to help them lead more active and productive lives.

Edvin Manniko

OD, behavioral optometrist

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