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National Council on Aging (NCOA) Honors Move With Balance®

On March 6, 2018 NCOA (National Council on Aging) put out their newsletter on fall prevention. Cynthia Rockey from East Tennessee, a great supporter of Move With Balance®, read through the newsletter in detail and noticed that Move With Balance® was listed under “Testimonials”!

Mentee Dorothy Wall and mentor Maggie Elliot were featured in the article. Here is the link.

Hawaii Resident Keeps Moving for Falls Prevention

We are honored that NCOA chose Move With Balance® as one of the features in “Testimonials”. We are happy that Cynthia Rockey noticed it so that I could send out this newsletter to all of you.

Please send us your photos of Move With Balance so that I can share them in the newsletter and on our website.



Move With Balance® in Cuenca, Ecuador

I am used to doing Move With Balance® in Hawaii, used to teaching elders in Hawaii and did for 23 years. Hawaii is where I actually created Move With Balance® working on a daily basis with so many different elders in so many different settings. I had to learn to adapt and think and move on my feet. I had to learn to “move with balance.

Now I am in Ecuador and you can imagine the change and adaptations. We have been going to Hogar Cristro Rey, an assisted living facility in Cuenca, actually in an historic old building with beautiful courtyards.  (more…)

Move With Balance® in Conway, Arkansas

Hello Karen!  It was great talking with you last week.  I’ve really enjoyed growing the MWB program here in Conway at out senior center!  It started out with about 5 people and we now been averaging 20 or more at each class.

Our classes are fun-filled and vibrant!  I enjoy the challenge to keep it interesting and retain participants.  In the beginning,  I composed a letter to several physicians, physical therapists and rehab facilities regarding the benefits of the MWB program. In that letter, I mentioned the visual exercises, balance and cognitive components of the class and how this has been proven to improve ones balance as well as their confidence which in turn gives them a chance to keep their independence longer. I have received numerous referrals from these physicians and physical therapists and have created a good report with all of them.

I have had several testimonials from the participants of this class. One lady said she used to have to use a magnifying glass to read her Bible every day but since doing the MWB class, she can read without it!  Her opthomogist was amazed and told her to continue doing what she was doing. That was the best news! I get so excited when I hear these stories.  I’ve seen people able to graduate from a walker to a cane, from a cane to walking without aid of any kind!  This makes the class worthwhile and it’s amazing to see the participants improve!

Here are a few quotes from my participants.

“I really enjoy the class as well as improving my balance. Great class!”

“Love the class!  Really helps my balance.”

“My son is a physical therapist and says he can see the improvement in the way I get around and move.”

These are just a few examples of the success the MWB program has been at our facility.

If anyone is considering introducing this class to their facility I have a small bit of advice for them.  MAKE IT FUN!!!  We laugh and talk during the class and everyone feels as if they belong to a “family”.  It’s important for them to feel needed and to be a part of the class no matter what their background, physical or mental ability.  This class is for any fitness level!  Don’t get caught up in the logistics and expect everything to go perfectly each class time.  MAKE IT FUN!!!  That’s the bottom line!

Thank you for introducing and training me in this program.  I totally believe in the MWB program!  It’s changing lives for the better!  Who wouldn’t want that?

Thank you again for creating this program!

Sherri Lachowsky

Health & Wellness Coordinator

Conway Senior Center

Move With Balance in Northwest Arkansas

Angie, Director of Senior Center Services, Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Arkansas has this to say about Move With Balance®. She is advising a senior who is about to join the program:

“I would recommend that you actually go in and participate in a class instead of just watch.  It is an amazing program and as soon as you see it, trust me, you are going to want to participate.  Why not join in right from the beginning!  I cannot say enough about the Move with Balance Program”.