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Move With Balance®:
Healthy Aging Activities for Brain and Body

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This brightly illustrated book, which links to 60 on-line demonstration videos, is loaded with dozens of movements and exercises that anyone can do, even the frailest elder. The payoff: increased coordination, sharper cognitive skills, better vision, and enhanced self-confidence.

Our award-winning program, scientifically proven to reduce falls, is perfect for your needs, whether you are a group leader, a caregiver, or using the program for yourself.

Click here to buy the book. Those who buy the book will also gain access to the 60 online videos. The why and how are clearly explained in the book. The online videos give the visual demonstration for guaranteed success.

For elders, preventing falls means preventing disaster! For elders, staying mentally alert and sharp is paramount! Here's how—and how to bring confidence and joy into the aging years.


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Move With Balance® has received prestigious awards for work with healthy aging for senior citizens.




Move With Balance® is used in three different applications:
The Personal for yourself
The Caregiver, professionally for your clients or to help a family member
The Group Leader for facilitating groups of mentors and mentees.

We will be sharing materials appropriate for each application as we develop our online community. Currently, click here for the Group Leader Manual…




Welcome to Move With Balance®, a program that will improve your well- being and the well-being of the elders you serve. The book and the videos demonstrate activities and exercises that enhance any person's sense of balance and improve any person’s cognitive functions.

When we do Move With Balance® exercises, we soon realize that we need not LEARN balance - because our bodies are equipped with optical, vestibular, proprioceptive, and other balancing systems that evolved in our ancestors over the course of millennia. In fact, 99% of our human existence has been as hunter-gatherers, grappling with survival on terrain that was seldom level. The benefits of this primal, rigorous training have been genetically retained by our bodies.

However, our bodies have recently been “dumbed down” by sedentary, mechanized, pavement-based lifestyles. Move With Balance® exercises gently remind the body of the primal capabilities it employed - and enjoyed - for millennia. This achieves wellness goals that might otherwise be difficult, costly or impossible. In sum: we need not learn balance; we need only be re- minded how to do it.

Move With Balance® activities are specific to improving balance and brain function. At first, the movements may be slow and difficult for elders as their nervous systems feel a sense of chaos. But then their brain/body systems “remember”, and after they have practiced a bit, they experience a sense of joy as they “move with balance”.

Elders become more present in their bodies. They know where they are in space. They are balanced from the inside out— from their nervous systems to their physical surroundings. Their whole brains are activated. They become more confident in their movements, moving with ease and comfort. Then they become willing to exercise beyond the program.

Independent Evaluations

We have invested in three independent evaluations. An evidence-based study, conducted by Lorrin Pang MD, Maui District Health Officer for the State of Hawai‘i, was published in the November 2013 issue of the "Hawaii Journal of Medicine and Public Health". Dr Pang states that “the efficacy of the Move With Balance program to prevent falls is about 66%”. Follow the "More" link for more details of these three studies.



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How Move With Balance® Works

Our culture expects older people to decline, not move—to be "set in their ways" and not try new things. But research has shown that the brain learns and changes throughout our lives. We have to exercise our brains to keep them growing.

This is best done by coordinated movement—activities that combine movement with cognitive skills. For example, we move, but while we move we read, or recognize shapes, or recite a poem. Ideally, in a single activity we stimulate many senses—for example, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic at the same time. The underlying principle: challenge the brain and body simultaneously with some sensory-motor activity, repeat until the challenge becomes easier or even automatic, then up the stakes by repeating the activity at a higher level. We call this the “Progressive Challenge.”


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