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Experience your elder years with health and vitality

Learn how our exercises will help you improve your balance, enhance your brain function and grow your emotional and physical well-being one small step at a time.


Move With Balance is a fun and national award winning program that is designed to help elders improve their balance and cognitive skills. It is scientifically proven to reduce falls by 66%. As a non-profit, our mission is to dramatically improve the lives of elders and their families in their own communities.


Move With Balance book

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Our national award winning book is the cornerstone of learning how to move with balance. The book's easy-to-follow exercises are scientically proven to help increase coordination, sharpen cognitive skills, improve vision, and enhance self-confidence.

  • Over 100 brightly illustrated pages
  • Dozens of movements that anyone can do
  • Includes over 60 exercise demonstration videos
  • Available for download and in print



Enjoy some of our other short videos with original music.



Learn on your own

For seniors who are mobile and independent, learning the exercises on your own is easy and convenient.

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Care for a senior

Study our special curriculum designed for professional and family caregivers who work one-on-one with elders.

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Start a group program

For state departments and health organizations who would like to set up a group program in their area.

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There are many ways you can learn, volunteer and support elders in your community. Discover how to get involved.


Move With Balance® in Cuenca, Ecuador

I am used to doing Move With Balance® in Hawaii, used to teaching elders in Hawaii and did for 23 years. Hawaii is where I actually created Move With Balance® working on a daily basis with so many different elders in so many different settings. I had to learn to adapt...

Alzheimer’s demos in Quito, Ecuador

We gave two free demonstrations of Move with Balance® with Music at the Neuromedicenter in Quito, Ecuador. We worked with Alzheimer’s patients at a day care center. They were totally accepting of us. The couple who runs the day care center are very dedicated. They...

Happy to Hear from a Past MWB Mentor

I was so happy to hear from Kats who was a mentor on Maui probably 10 years ago. "Congratulations, Karen! I was so moved and proud to hear of your expansion to Arkansas! I always believed in your program and was happy to be a mentor and facilitator at Roselani and...


“Move With Balance is a unique and therapeutic approach to integration of the motor, sensory, and vestibular systems of the brain. The program understands the positive outcomes of caring for our cognitive, motor, and spiritual selves which is particularly beneficial to older adults.”

Paul Nussbaum, Ph.D., ABPP

Clinical Neuropsychologist and Adjunct Professor of Neurological Surgery, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine


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Alzheimer's Foundation of America
Premier Cares Award
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